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Carlos Jardino

“I have my clients’ best interests in mind when I’m building their home and there is absolutely no hidden agenda. My number one goal is to ensure they are happy.”

Carlos Jardino is mostly interested in being part of stories that end well. It could even be said that good endings are his motivation in most things, from participating in various charities like the Princess Margaret Foundation to the organized approach he takes to constructing custom homes in Oakville.

Born in Mozambique, and raised in South Africa where he was educated, Carlos worked in various countries including Sweden where he was a trouble-shooter for a large multinational company specializing in electrical infrastructure and transformers. The experience prepared him to oversee large projects through to completion, and honed his knack for making quick and accurate decisions.

So that when he came to Canada, and started PCM Inc., Carlos had the expertise to undertake high quality, custom home projects and complete them efficiently within five to six months.

Carlos regards charities in the same practical, no-nonsense way he does luxury home building: Use the best ingredients to get the best results.

“When I build a custom home, I hire the best tradespeople and use the highest quality materials,” Carlos says. “The same principle applies to the charities I am aligned with. I’m looking for those that are most skilled in their field and most efficient with their funds. And Princess Margaret is quite simply the very best at what they do – using funds well to research cures for cancer.”

Carlos also reasons that the life you save – through those donations – might be your own.

“We never know if cancer will strike us, but donating to its research will certainly improve outcomes if it does.”

While Carlos and his family donate generously to PMH every year, he also builds the foundation’s annual lottery show-home in Oakville, and heads up a team for its annual Walk for the Cure.

Additionally, Carlos has supported the St Michael’s Hospital with cash donations towards the purchase of equipment for use in colon cancer treatments. And through his son’s Catholic secondary school, he has given to Bethany Kids, a charity that funds medical equipment and treatments for children in Kenya. Carlos is impressed with Bethany Kids because the relatively small outlay has a huge payback – just $4500 buys the medical treatment necessary to save the lives of 10 children.

“These are the stories I love,” he says. “Happy conclusions to what would otherwise be tragic.”

Carlos lives in Oakville with his wife and two children.

Carlos Jardino
Project and Construction Management – PCM Inc.

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