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PCM’s principal, Carlos Jardino, is well positioned to take on Toronto’s rental stock and turn it into high quality rental suites shortage of rental housing in Toronto, and quality rental especially is in great demand. From empty nesters wanting to stay in the city without buying into expensive luxury condos with high maintenance fees to business people relocating for the short term to buyers who have nether the down payment – or the desire – to buy into Toronto’s over-heated housing market.

And while there is available rental, especially mid-rise in up and coming neighbourhoods close to transit, most of it is in such a state of disrepair it’s uninhabitable. Fixing buildings is expensive, time consuming and skilled labour intensive causing investors and potential buyers to usually run the other way.

But not PCM Inc. (Property Care and Management Inc.). With the company’s long-standing reputation as the swiftest/fastest working quality custom homebuilder in the GTA, they’re able to turn around these apartment buildings in record time to the highest level of quality.

PCM’s principal, Carlos Jardino, is well positioned to take on Toronto’s rental stock and turn it into high quality rental suites that are not only profitable but green as well. In fact, Jardino and his company have already converted a 30-suite mid-rise building at 1809 Lawrence Ave W. The building is at least eight times more energy efficient was gutted and fully renovated from the inside out, and was ready for tenants in record time – 12 months from purchase to occupancy.

Jardino operates from a people first mandate, because he figures if something’s good for people, it’s also good for the planet – and for profits.

Renovating Apartment Buildings – The PCM Way

People first

Jardino earned his reputation as a quality custom home builder by putting people first. Every home was designed, laid out and finished to look and to function in the way that real people live. Because the company has developed solid relationships with manufacturers and suppliers – and continued those relationships with their rental properties – tenants at 1809 Lawrence Ave W will enjoy Kohler bathroom fixtures, custom kitchen cabinetry and millwork, floors of porcelain wood-look tiles, and many more luxury appointments including new energy star windows.

People appreciate these touches.

Especially considering the condition of the property before PCM took over. The 55-year-old building had: leaking and clogged water and sewage pipes; high water, gas and electricity consumption and waste; ceilings falling down from mould and rot caused by water leaks, condensation and lack of ventilation; old and inadequate heating system; infestations of roaches and bed bugs.

In order to bring it up to a standard that Jardino would deem appropriate, the building required extensive work. It was completely gutted – only the exterior walls remained – and bad materials like asbestos removed. After that, everything was new – from joists and insulation, to electrical, plumbing and drywall. Interior designers who have worked with PCM – on custom homes as well as the Princess Margaret Show-home that PCM builds regularly – designed new suite layouts, making the most of every inch of space, coordinating electrical outlets, window placement and doorways so that furniture fits appropriately within the space.

As a final touch, PCM Inc. hired a landscape architect to refurbish the entire outdoor living space so that arriving home is now a matter of pride, and provides residents with green space to enjoy.


When PCM Inc. took over 1809 Lawrence Ave, the building was consuming seven to eight times more water than necessary, and the electric heating and cooling – window units – was inefficient and completely lacked proper ventilation, especially by 2016 standards. In some places, there was still asbestos in the walls, and there were a huge number of work orders against the building.

PCMnow (PCM’s construction management arm) replaced everything – electrical, plumbing, flooring, and HVAC – beyond building code expectations.

To some, this task might have seemed impossible but not to Jardino, who has a background in mechanical engineering as well as decades’ experience in home building. He also had a thorough environmental assessment done to make sure there would be no additional surprises.

Jardino did toy with the idea of razing the building, but the exterior construction was solid. And with his financial and building experience – using sophisticated flow charts and spread sheets – he knew he could complete it efficiently, quickly and with reasonably high quality that would “pay for itself in the end.”


Mr. Jardino knows how to make a profit, but he also knows that good profits are only possible when the product is good for people. At 1809 Lawrence Ave. W, over $100,000 was spent on each unit – for a total of $3million-plus. The end result is a building with much smaller carbon footprint – consuming less energy and water, yielding lower utility bills and guaranteeing/ensuring an improved living environment that is equal to brand new buildings and in some cases better.

The best part is this building isn’t only low maintenance but it also won’t require any capital improvement projects for the next 15 to 20 years. And Inc. is putting backing their quality with their unique five-year builder warranty.

Although, or perhaps because, Jardino has been in business – successfully – for such a long time, he opted for a pilot project on the building, demolishing and fully renovating two fourth-floor units, in order to investigate how the 55-year-old building could better serve future tenants.

Which just goes to prove Jardino’s maxim – if it’s good for people, it will be good for the planet and for profits.

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